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The ccb platform ensures a secure and simple login and registration procedure. Realtime authentication with your backend is included.

If you’re looking to increase your online content revenue, we have a tried and tested solution. ccb adapts easily to a wide range of paid content models. We support hard, soft and metered paywalls, as well as print and digital subscriptions, one-time products, subscription bundles and combined subscriptions.

Readers are only willing to pay for content they are really interested in. Our partner, dsb ebusiness, has developed a smart content tool that will provide your potential and existing customers with news on the topics that fascinate them.

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Through high usability we lower purchasing barriers and maximize conversion.

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fully automated payment processes

PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit, purchase on account or Amazon Payments – with the ccb payment gateway you benefit from a wide range of payment methods.

We support your payment processes where you need us. From one-time payments in your e-shop to integrated services, including fully automated invoice generation and billing – you determine the extent of integration.

We ensure reliable and secure payment transactions between web shop, customer care and billing platform and payment provider. As our solutions are tailored to the publishing and media sector, recurring payments are part of our daily business. At the press of a button you can access the payment history of your subscribers


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Contact us to learn about our blacklisting features.

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paid content modelssuccess strategies

Based on more than 50 years of experience in the publishing world, our specialists have inside knowledge of the media sector and its special needs. We help media industry leaders in the UK and Germany find the content payment model that perfectly fits their portfolio. Benefit from our international digital and physical subscription experience.

You have new subscription offers in mind?

With the ccb suite you can

  • define any subscription period
  • create bundled packages (digital/online)
  • conduct mass price updates
  • remove purchase barriers with the large range of payment options

The ccb suite offers many ready-to-use integrations. Please contact us for more information.

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Our team supports you with flexible subscription models and agile software development.

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